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Partners and Sponsors

YWP is proud to be associated with many fantastic companies and organizations. A lot of what happens here at YWP wouldn't be possible without the help of the following companies:

Sapmok is an all adventure brand with a unique product offering of hand-crafted shoes and products tailored to give an authentic feel and real life experience. Made in South Africa and set on survival mode in today's economy. Visit Sapmok at


CameraTek is Africa's premium photographic destination, head over to find out more at


YWP is proud to be associated with The Birding Life. To explore birds and the people that pursue them, visit


Briza specialises in publishing botany and natural history books for the local South African market. Briza places high importance on publishing indigenous knowledge of Southern African fauna and flora. Visit and order a book from their range today.


DOWN TO THE WIRE look for alternative ways to turn what once was so destructive into hope. Their quest is to rework these snares into uniquely hand crafted bangles as a symbol of life. Get yours today at


Go! is a bimonthly magazine aimed at outdoor enthusiasts. The magazine is your passport to affordable destinations. It is published in Afrikaans as Weg! Available both online and in hardcopy, be sure to read about some incredible destinations at

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