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Star Segments

From time to time, we host professionals and inspiring people within the industry, on a live chat with our members. The guests take time to teach and inspire our members with their stories. We are proud to have hosted the following guests.
Rodney Nombekana
Rodney is a private registered South African safari guide and wildlife photographer. Rodneys work has been featured all over the world in different publications such as, Kruger magazine, Daily Mail, National Geographic Channel and recently CNN, to mention a few. Through his photography Rodeny seeks to inspire people to fall in love with our natural world and eventually play a part in conservation of our natural world for current and future generations.
Zaheer Ali 
In 2017, Zaheer sought to pursue his passion for wildlife photography. He soon began freelancing and hosting photographic safaris. Zaheer's knowledge and insight of business and a passion for wildlife, has allowed him to be successful in this highly competative industry. As a prominent figure on social media, Zaheer has managed to capture the world with many of his images going viral.
Skye Meaker
Skye is no stranger to us, as he is a member of our group. Skye contunes to inspire so many after having won the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, hosted by the Natural History Museum in London in 2018. Skye began photographing wildlife at the age of seven on frequent family trips to local game reserves and nature parks. Skye is quoted to have said "I would like to give my children an opportunity to understand and see for themselves, the beautiful nature that I love and appreciate."
Villiers Steyn
Better known to most of us as The Safari Expert, Villiers is a professional photographer based in Hoedspruit in the lowveld. Villiers is host to the very popular You Tube Channel, with the same name. Be sure to check out the Safari Expert on You Tube and also be on the lookout for the amazing courses in Photography and Lightroom.
James Hendry
James is a wildife presenter, writer (his new book is coming in Oct 2022), a wildlife TV presenter, a musician and a speaker. James training was in Biology, conservation and human development (Masters Degree). James has hosted in excess of 50 TV shows from Nat Geo Wild, SABC (South Africa) and CGTN (China) as is likely known to most of you through his presence on the popular Wildearth.  James is inspired by the wilderness and fascinated by WHY we are, WHO we are and HOW we are. James's greatest joy is giving people laughter and pleasure through performance. 
Dereck & Beverly Joubert
Are award winning filmmakers. National Geographic Explorers-at-large and wildlife conservationists, who have been filming, researching and exploring in Africa for over 30 years. Their mission is the conservation and understanding of the large predators and other key wildlife species that determine the course of all conservation in Africa. The Jouberts are founders of Rhinos without Borders, they also founded the Big Cats Initiative with National Geographic, which currenlty funds 150 projects in 29 countries. This program has now transitioned to the Great Plains Big Cats Initiative, the the Joubert's leadership and Great Plains Foundation Management. The Jouberts have made over 30 films for National Geographic, published 14 books, half a dozen scientific pater and written many articles for National Geographic Magazine. Beverly Joubert is also an acclaimed photographer and her international exhibitions have further helped to raise awareness for the plight of big cats across the world.
Gerry Van Der Walt 
Gerry believes that his passion and photography speaks for itself and his goal is to keep on creating images that will keep the awareness of our planet's natural heritage in people's minds. At the same time, through the various Wild Eye safaris that he helps conceptualize and host, he shares the privilege of traveling around the world and spending time with people in unspoiled wilderness.around the globe while assisting them to document their journey. Through Wild Eye, Gerry has helped create a vehicle which merges the raw beauty of traveling around the world with the ability to not only capture these moments on camera, but also by teaching and inspiring people along the way. 
Michelle Du Plessis - FGASA 
The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa's philosophy is one of representing and promoting a high standard of guiding and skills development within the tourism industry for it's members. FGASA is a well known, highly regarded and respected brand across the world for all guiding and non guiding members. One thing I remember Michelle clearly sharing with our members was simply, Many people who want to be nature guides, make the mistake of thinking it is all about the animals. It's not. Guiding is all about people. The animals, the landscapes, the history and the buildings all combine to act as tools to enhance a guiding experience. Look up FGASA on the net, if you are passionate about following a career path in tourism.
Heinrich Neuymeyer
Well known to many as the Leopard Guru of Pilanesberg National Park, Heinrich shares his story of how the Pilanesberg Leopard Identification Project came to be. He tells us some stories and shares his experiences that he has had with these incredible animals. There is so much to learn about Leopards and it is truly an honour to have seen and photographed a good many of the known and named Leopards of the Pilanesberg. With the leopards being the star of this show, be sure to pop onto YWP Instagram to catch this Star Segment. 
Tayla McCurdy
For many years, Tayla has worked as a safari guide, wildlife presenter, and guide trainer throughout Africa and Shr-Lanka. Tayla's extensive experience and passion for the natural world have allowed her to develop a deep understanding of wildlife, which she takes great pleasure in sharing with others. With her ability to spot and identify wildlife, she has earned a reputation as a highly proficient guide. Additionally, her work as a presenter on wildlife television shows had allowed her to share her knowledge and experiences with audiances worldwide. Tayla is the founder of the Tayla Jane Collection of sophisticated safari wear for women, created by women for women. Tayla embraces the spirit of the collection through a delicate mixture of comfort, style and practicality. Gabby chats to Tayla about all of the above in a Insta Live which can be found on the YWP Instagram page.
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