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YWP Prize Winners

From time to time, YWP hosts an in-house competition for its members. These vary between photographic competitions to callenges. Below is a collection of our winning members.

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Oliver Armstrong
Winning a pair of Veldskoen boots
Jarred Wood
Winning Karolina Noree's Ebook - A Guide to Wildlife Photography
Luca Tomlinson
Winning a signed copy of  James Hendry's - A Year in the Wild
Pietrie Weideman
Winning a book sponsored by Briza - Nature Unpacked
Callen Stephens
Winning a pair of Sapmok Shoes
Todd Skinner
Winning a Zali Water Bottle sponsored by Zali Safaris
Danielle Romberg
Winning a pair of Sapmok Boots
Samuel Odihambo
Winning a Down to the Wire Bracelet
Jacques de Kok
Grand prize winner of YWP's Secretarybird Initiative 
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