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Help Save SA's Secretarybirds and Win!


Picture by Thomas Marais

Support Southern Africa's Secretarybirds and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Many people are unaware of the plight of one of Southern Africa's most charismatic species. Population data has shown a steady decrease in the number of Secretarybirds over the past few years, and they have been recently uplifted to endangered status. The Secretarybird is one of our absolute favorite subjects to photograph, being so photogenic and beautifully dressed. There's nothing better than getting a habitat shot of a Secretarybird striding across an open plain like a sentinel. So it breaks our hearts that we are not finding these birds as much as we used to.


Thankfully, Birdlife South Africa has an ongoing project dedicated to the conservation of this species, and plans to launch a new climate change study on the species. For this, BLSA needs to fit a handful of Secretarybirds with tracking devices to collect valuable data which will be used to assess whether we might expect Secretarybirds to experience range constrictions during future climatic events, and to identify specific habitat requirements for the species which helps guide BLSA's conservation decisions. You can read more at

So please support us as the youth to raise funds towards this invaluable project that aims to keep this iconic species alive, and hopefully raise enough to sponsor one of these tracking devices.

Each ticket costs R50 and can be purchased by donating to our GivenGain campaign at

See below for the rules. Remember to leave your email address so we can contact the winners!!


1st - Kamakura 12X35 ZCF Binoculars to the value of R4000, kindly sponsored by Cameratek. You can read more at You will also have the opportunity to name the bird to which the tracker is fitted! (Provided that this goal is reached)

2nd - R2500 Cameratek Shopping Voucher, kindly sponsored by CameraTek. Shop online or in-store for camera accessories that you may need.

3rd - Nikon Prostaff Tripod, as well as a Nikon Mini Braai, kindly sponsored by Cameratek.

4th - Olympus 10X50 S binocular, kindly sponsored by Cameratek. You can read more at

5th - Nikon Aculon A30 10X25 binocular, kindly sponsored by Cameratek.

6th - Fenix C6 Torch, kindly sponsored by Cameratek.

Bonus Prize From Our Birding Partner - Sasol Birds of Southern Africa (5th Edition), as well as The Birding Life cap, kindly sponsored by The Birding Life. This revised edition is perhaps the most comprehensive field guide on the market, and even comes with the new scan the barcode for the call. The awesome cap comes in 3 different colours. You can read more at

2 More Bonus Prizes - One year subscription to BirdPro's Birds of Southern Africa package, kindly sponsored by BirdPro. BirdPro received the MTN app of the year award in 2020, and really is one of the most technologically advanced field guides on the market. You can read more at

Rules and conditions:

  • When entering on the GivenGain page, please leave a message with your donation stating your email address so that we can contact the winners.

  • You will automatically be entered the correct amount of times. Eg. R200 = 4 entries.

  • This competition is only open to South African residents.

  • This competition is not open to any admin member of YWP or their immediate families (parents or siblings), however this does not mean they cannot donate.

  • The winners will be chosen randomly by YWP and will be validated by a professional.

  • You may purchase as many tickets as you would like.

  • The competition closes on the 9th of December 2022, and the winners will be drawn on the 10th of December, although YWP reserves the right to change these dates at any time. 

  • Winners will be announced on the YWP social media platforms, and will have 5 working days to claim their prize, failing which, YWP reserves the right to draw a new winner.

  • YWP reserves the right to publish the names of the winners.

  • Prizes are not cash-transferable.

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